Geometrical Reindeer ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ: ws-026-198-119-[bc]-001

(Ελληνικά) Δώστε μια χαρούμενη και μινιμαλιστική νότα στο σαλόνι σας με το αυτοκόλλητο τοίχου “Geometrical Reindeer”.
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ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ: ws-026-198-119-[bc]-001

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    Πλάτος x Ύψος (cm)

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.

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Step 1. Menu “Dimension Selection”: Dragging the bar, select the dimension you want your sticker to be
Step 2. Menu “Choose the direction of the subject”: With the option “Horizontal Inversion” change if you want the direction of your sticker
Step 3. Menu “Choose the color for your sticker”: In choosing the color for your sticker, it will help you choose a color that resembles that of your wall, so you will see your options for the color of the sticker in an approximately “natural” environment.

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The wall stickers are: Vinyl film, Waterproof, Time resistant, Do not tear easily. They are easily removed without leaving any glue residue.
They are pasted on surfaces such as: Walls, Furniture, Tiles, Doors, Wood, Glass surfaces.
Can not be glued to surfaces: Textured, Rusty, Wet, Painted with acrylic paints, Varnishes and silicone paints. If the wall is freshly painted, it should have dried very well (at least 2 weeks).


The Installation (pasting) of wall stickers is a simple and fun process, as long as you follow the simple steps step by step Installation Instructions